Boosey Imperial G

This weeks’ installment is a vintage Boosey & Hawkes Imperial G trombone! The serial number on this horn puts it’s manufacture around 1960.

This is one of my prized possessions. It was given to me by the bandmaster of a Salvation Army band I used to play in.

The craftmanship on these old Booseys is amazing. Such attention to detail!

The first time I tried to play this I brought my slide hand back to my usual home position… and just about drove the mouthpiece through the back of my head.

I learned pretty quickly to pull the slide home to first, rather than pushing it. The ebony grip on the handle is lovely against the silver.


Bossey & Hawkes LTD
Made in England

No fancy triggers on this baby… just beautiful clean lines.

I love the patina on the silver.

Looks like it had a small repair done at one time.

The counterweight appears to be solid silver.

The most beautiful case in my collection.

The Boosey Imperial G in studio.

Here’s a video introduction to the G Trombone (and it looks like he’s playing an imperial) by Trent Hamilton:

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  1. John Carstairs Hallam says:

    The counterweight is non- original. When I played the G in the late 50s my old instrument had a home made counterweight using a tobacco tin filled with lead!
    I still have 2 Gs, both with semicircular weights fitting in the back bow.
    I could send a photo if you want. In fact I have a spare and also one which has been added to one of my Holton Paul Whiteman models!
    You might guess that I collect instruments. I have over 40 trombones but I am in the process of thinning out. You can see some of them, plus slide cornets, on my Facebook page.

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