Olds Super

This is the first horn I ever bought. Not the first I owned though, that’s another story.

In the summer of ’82 I played in the Band of the Ceremonial Guard on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. On a day off I was wandering through Byward Market and saw this little sweetie hanging in a pawnshop window. It was love at first sight.

The Olds Super has a fluted rather than a smooth slide. It’shard to see in the pics, so you’ll have to take my word for it.


The serial number puts the manufacture of this horn to somewhere between June ’69 and June ’71

The patented and distinctive Olds’ braces. Nickel plated they’ve stood up better than the laquered bell section.

I love the red brass bell. For the longest time this was the prettiest horn I owned.

The 3/4″ nickel tone ring is stamped on this horn, but they were hand etched on older models.

F.E. Olds Super Fullerton California U.S.A.

The elegant water key. Better known as the ‘spit valve’.

The horn never had it’s own case. The one it came with was an old school case from a different horn. This case came with a different horn. I have no idea which one, nor do I know what happened to it. This may be the ugliest case I own.

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