Schilke 60

schilke60_1This weeks Monday Mouthpiece is a two-for!

This was my primary mouthpiece through the 80s. I had a bad reaction to the silver so I had one gold plated.

schilke60_3A deep bowl with a thin and very sharp rim. This mouth piece did nothing to lock in tuning. On the other hand, it was really easy to adjust pitch just using my chops.

It was Robert Michaux who suggested I try the Schilke 60 when I was at the Canadian Forces School of Music in Victoria, BC.

The first time used it the horn opened up and my King 8B sounded like the all out doors. I loved this mouth piece and used it for years. It was replaced with the even bigger, a Marcinkiewicz Co 107.

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  1. Laura Boast says:

    I would never have thought that band players might react to silver, or other metals, but it makes sense! I wonder how many symphony wind instrument players are playing on gold? Thanks for opening my eyes! 🙂

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